To improve safety for Swim Heron visitors, we’ve been working with NOWCA from 2016 to provide an electronic system for ‘clocking’ swimmers in and out of the water.

To swim with us it will be necessary to register annually as a NOWCA member. The annual cost is £15.00 and each member will receive a NOWCA Identification wristband enabling easy access to the lake.

Open Water Swimming is one of the fastest growing mass participation sports at the present time. The National Open Water Coaching Association (NOWCA) was started in 2010 to help improve safety standards at open water swimming venues around Great Britain.


The NOWCA ID and timing wristband has 4 key functions:

  1. Swimmer Safety: The system enables lake and open water operators to have up to the minute details of exactly who is in the lake at any one time. In the case of an emergency a swimmers personal details and medical history can be accessed immediately
  2. NOWCA National Swim Events: The system enables swim time data for all participants to be recorded and uploaded to the NOWCA website under the relevant Lakes’ page, automatically each week
  3. Race Recording: The system can be used to capture data for any race events including open water swims, aquathlons and triathlons, in addition to the NOWCA National Swim event
  4. Daily Data Capture: All swimmers visiting a Lake can be clocked ‘in’ and ‘out’ of the water, enabling valuable usage data.